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Friday, June 10, 2005

Longest two weeks ever..

Wow, I'm almost there, but there are two days left. It doesn't seem like anything has changed, though.

It really seemed like my boss was going to cry today as he tried to convince me to stay. I've worked with him for 6 years, and that's a really long time. Really long. I was a student employee most of that time, but worked at least 20 hours a week the whole time. Joe was there even longer than I, and Steve got sad when he left, too.

I like my boss and coworkers, but it seems like I should have left long ago. I don't have any wistful feelings about the evidence of my upcoming departure... my shifts are posted as "open" on the board, etc. I did have a little knot of concern as I gave up my parking contract. Maybe it's because my free reign night parking was such a relief, such a relaxing contrast to the stress of the job.

But, I won't need that anymore, right?


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